How to K1B…(Knit 1 in stitch below)!


K1B Tutorial square

K1B sounds so much more complicated than it is…but it’s not!  Basically, it’s the same as a regular knit stitch, except you knit in a different area.  This creates an off-set pattern, which works beautifully when combined with knits & two different color yarns.  So, if you see this stitch in a pattern…this is how you do it!


1.) Knit through the middle of that lower loop.

2.) Push your right needle through the loop opening below the next stitch to be worked.

3.)  You will go into that loop from the front to the back.

4.) Wrap your working yarn around your right needle, from back to front.

5.) Bring your right needle & wrapped yarn back through the loop, towards the front.

6.) Let the loops drop off your left needle and you’re done!


I hope you enjoyed learning this new stitch!